Chutzpah of the Day

It is interesting that the buck just never stops at this President's desk.  Apparently, the reason for the delay in approval of the Keystone Pipeline is the Republicans.

The approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed by Republicans playing “political games,” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says.

Lew said that the economy is “strong” and more resilient after 40 months of growth but the economic recovery is not fast enough, which led Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” to ask whether approving the pipeline would help speed up job growth.

“If you’re so interested in creating more jobs, why not approve the Keystone pipeline, which will create tens of thousands of jobs?” Wallace asked of the pipeline under review.

“There were some political games that were played, that took it off the trail and path to completion, where Republicans put it out there as something that was put on a timetable that it could not be resolved. It caused a delay,” Lew said. “Playing political games with something like this was a mistake.”



  1. Tom Lindmark:

    It's just part of the slow walk to get past the 2014 elections. After that they'll drive a stake through its heart.

  2. sean2829:

    I think that answer will be hard for even the choir to swallow.

  3. J Calvert:

    And meanwhile, oil and gas is still being drilled out of the Bakken at a record pace. But instead of a nice, safe, cheap pipeline to transport the oil and gas, we're trucking out the oil and flaring the gas.

    They're not pro-environment, they're anti-people.

  4. marque2:

    GOP is also responsible for Detroit, I hear.

  5. Sam L.:

    Tell a lie big enough often enough, and the low info voters will buy it.

  6. mlhouse:

    And who benefits from blocking the pipeline? Rail transport. And who owns the rail transport? Warren Buffett.