Privatizing the TVA -- I'm Doing My Part

Several sources have reported that the new Obama budget calls for privatizing the TVA.  My company is already doing our part -- we have privately taken over the operation of four TVA campgrounds (under a long-term lease) and are looking at others.  Our first was here, and has turned out to be a really good operation for us.  It is impossible to get bank loans for improvements on leased land, but over time, by applying cash flow from the operation back into improvements, we have put nearly a million dollars in to the property.  We took on three new TVA campgrounds this winter and are just now scrambling to get them open.


  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    Interesting. TVA is a hydro-electric utility, I had no idea that they operated camp grounds.

  2. John O.:

    Good, they're an agency I don't understand why they still exist and why they feel obligated to operate more than just electricity production.

  3. Scott:

    Please take over their Foster Falls, TN campground. It is a wonderful location, but horribly run. They charge by the tent, not the person. Two one-man tents are twice the price of one huge ten-man tent. I have no idea why they do this.