Remote PC Access

I have been using Team Viewer for remote PC access this week and it is awesome - easily the fastest, least frustrating solution I have ever tried.


  1. DCSpotter:

    Interesting indeed. You might want to also take a look at Logmein ( They have free and pro versions and I've been using the free for quite some time and it is pretty good. Bonus compared to Team Viewer, you only need to install a browser plugin.
    Disclaimer: I do not know who owns LogMeIn, I don't own any shares of LogMeIn, I don't know anyone who works for or with LogMeIn

  2. Mark2:

    For others who want a free solution, the VNC packages are open source.

    Ultra VNC is the top end of the products at the moment.

  3. Jeff:

    I've been happy with Ultra VNC here.

  4. John Moore:

    I prefer Logmein to VNC. Free Logmein is quite useful for a small number of remote computers.

    For ones on the LAN or VPN, I just use Windows Remote Desktop.

  5. epobirs:

    We've gotten a great deal of use from LogMeIn but TeamViewer had one big plus when I got a new phone: their Android app is free while LogMeIn wants $30 for theirs.

  6. Dimitri Mariutto:

    The best thing about Team Viewer is you don't have to install anything on either end to make it work, not even a plugin.

  7. jhc:

    I've used VNC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, WebEx and Citrix' GoToMyPC at different times and in situations.

    My favorites for desktop collaboration are TeamViewer and WebEx (in that order).

    For plain old remote access (no collaboration), LogMeIn works well and I use it regularly. (Though I'll admit that paying for LogMeIn's "Ignition" iPad app wasn't great.) TeamViewer would work equally well for remote access and their iPad app is free.

    VNC is feature-laden and easy to set up but no VNC I've seen (Real..., Ultra... or Tight...) seems to manage windowing as well as the commercial products do.

  8. Allan roger:

    Yeah, Teamviewer is decent and is definitely easy to use. But as much as I liked Teamviewer, I still traded up when I discovered RHUB's solution for remote access and support. It gives me everything I need in one device. Plus, it's only a one-time cost.