Blog Me, Maybe

I have picked up my family and moved to a rental house on the California coast for a month.  I am still working, but experimenting with getting out of town for the hot Arizona summers.  I may or may not take the opportunity to cut back on blogging for a month or so.  I haven't decided.


  1. Dan from Gilbert:

    You better not. What would I read? :-)

    We did the same thing. We just got back from Oregon for about 3 weeks. It backfired. It was so cold, we couldn't wait to get back to Arizona. I'll take the heat and the pool over clouds and rain, any day of the week.

    You'll probably have better luck in California.

    Have fun...

  2. elambend:

    I love the cool of the NW and I don't even live in Phoenix (of course I can say this in Chicago because we had a mile winter).

  3. Jim:

    I read Instapundit and you religiously. Of both, I constantly think, "I wish I said that or wrote that." I guess that is the ultimate complement.

  4. TXJim:

    Unplug amigo and enjoy the surf with the fam.

    North Texas is getting off easy so far this summer. Rain every two weeks. Low 90's today for the high. On the downside, it's more humid than normal. Of course it may not rain again until November and we get cracks in the ground a foot wide.

  5. Brad Warbiany:

    Whereabouts in CA? If you're anywhere near Orange County, you're more than welcome to some pints of homebrew from the kegerator :-)

  6. Rich Ridenour:

    Hey Brad, can the rest of us take you up on those pints? :)

    I don't know how you guys take the heat in AZ, I live in San Diego (inland a bit) and the last few summers have been terrible even here. Fortunately my office is right on the water in Point Loma so I get away from the worst of it each day.

  7. Bret:

    Is the title an oblique Carly Rae Jepsen reference? If so, awesome.

  8. Brad Warbiany:


    Maybe one of these days... I'd say that I brew a lot more beer than I can drink, but it's probably more apt to say that I brew a lot more than I *should* drink :-)

  9. Dan:

    Welcome to another one of my 'zoni friends. We are happy to share our beach and our neighborhood with you while you are here. Have fun and relax. If you like it here, feel free to stay and pay for our bullet train.

  10. CT_Yankee:

    experimenting with getting out of town for the hot Arizona summers.

    Have you considered family camping? Some campgrounds are located in very scenic areas and might be quite enjoyable, if they were managed well.

  11. Bill Beyer:

    Enjoy! My father, who lives in Glendale, leaves for Idaho in June, and doesn't come back till October. (sort of a reverse snowbird) I can't understand how I could live there, save that I left before adulthood- and have moved north ever since, ending up in Washington, where heat's rare.

  12. Mary:

    As a fulltime RVer ('domiciled' in CA) contemplating picking up a reasonably priced Phoenix condo for winter use, I already know I couldn't do summer there. Just exactly how long does summer last in AZ? Five months of trip digs?

    OR & WA were very chilly in spring and early summer. Had to come back to CA to warm up.

  13. Broccoli:

    Just curious, wouldn't this open you up to California tax collections on your business income? I know they are ridiculously aggressive and I believe you have even blogged about it a few times.

  14. John David Galt:

    I have a campaign idea. Let's make millions of individualized versions of this sign appear in store windows between now and November.


    I release this wording to the public domain, to pre-empt anyone who would claim ownership of it.

  15. boat rentals in orange county:

    That's a pretty good idea. Arizona summers are brutal. I will miss reading your blog, but hope you have a great time.