Things I Never Knew

This guy in Road Warrior and this guy in Commando are the same actor.  Never would have suspected until I saw the actor signing autographs at local Comic Con.  Certainly a formidable acting portfolio.

Commando is one of my favorite of its genre.  All the elements are there - classic Arnold walk-away lines, bad acting, infinitely large ammo magazines, worse-than-stormtrooper bad-guy shooting, more bad acting, and unrepentant machismo.

Update:  Apparently Rae Dawn Chong is still making movies.  Who knew?  But I am a bigger fan of the woman in Road Warrior


  1. MNHawk:

    Funny that's what I said when I found out the blue skinned babe from Farscape was in Road Warrior. ;-)

  2. marco73:

    You are in luck - Expendables 2 comes out August 17

  3. David, Chandler, AZ:

    Vernon Wells was also the leader of the bikers crashing the party in Weird Science. And I think wearing the same costume as he did in Mad Max 2. :)

  4. Fred Z:

    More importantly Commando featured a Sunbeam Alpine, one of which I have the honor of owning.