Part-Time Job for College Student

The trade group that represents companies like mine that privately operate public parks is looking for a college student to work part-time for us, either this summer or into the fall.  The ideal committment is 20 hours a week for 6-10 weeks but we could accommodate fewer hours for a longer span of time.  We are willing to pay in the ballpark of $13 an hour plus expenses (phone and Internet bills, etc).  We anticipate the candidate would work from his or her own home (or dorm) and already has access to a computer and Internet connection as well as a word processing software of some sort.

Job responsibilities would include:

  • Working with our members to accumulate and organize our intellectual property vis a vis this business.  This includes marketing material, regulatory and statutory information, how-to guides, etc.
  • Working with our partner agencies, like the US Forest Service, to get statistics on our members' scope  (e.g. we don't even know how many US Forest Service parks are run privately) and to synthesize these into marketing materials

The candidate need not have any specific knowledge of our business, and we have experts in the organization that can supply contacts and information.  Being an all-volunteer organization, we need someone with the time and the focus to gather and organize the information we have.  The candidate will have direct contact with the CEO's of most of the key players in this industry as well as with senior staff officers of a number of public recreation and lands agencies.    We want someone who is bright and unafraid to approach, even pester, strangers for information.  Quantitative skills and/or economics or business-related studies are a plus but are not required.  Experience with web tools such as content management systems like WordPress also a plus.

If someone is interested, have them email me at warren -at- camprrm *dot* com or hit the email link above.


  1. Reid Smith:

    Would you be interested in a newly retired 63-year old with a MS in Aero Eng and 15 years recent experience managing technology development programs in the aerospace industry? I have cable internet and MS Office 2010 available. Since I can't play golf all the time, I will have the time for 20 hours a week. My 15 years of herding cats has left me well prepared for "approach[ing], even pester[ing], strangers for information."

  2. pet:

    I don't know anything about that. But the greatest job I ever had in college was 2 years of washing dishes at a local Irish place from 7 to 11 weeknights. Menial simple labor. Fair wage = pocket money. And the BEST part!!?? The 3 or 4 misordered/miscooked full meals that were rejected by patrons and came straight back to the dishwashing station after rejection. Nom Nom. Those were the days..... sigh. lol

    Not to mention the misordered/mismixed drinks from the bar. ; )

  3. blokeinfrance:

    Can I put my kids down for a job 5 years from now? Email me, PLEASE!