Thanks for the Recommendation

I have been trying to play with Linux/Ubuntu, mainly because Linux seems a much better approach than Windows for dedicated video streaming boxes (e.g. those based on XBMC software).  I also just got a Raspberry Pi, which is a sort of Anduino-like Linux-based small computer project board.

In playing with them, I have been dual-booting, which is somewhat </understatement> of a hassle.  So I appreciate readers who encouraged me to try VirtualBox.  Installed last night and seems to be just what the doctor ordered.


  1. Addie:

    How did you get a Raspberry Pi??

  2. Dan from Gilbert:

    Can you share what you're doing with it and how you're accomplishing it?

  3. Don:


    Give a look at LinuxMCE for the media server. They have a distro that goes on the Hauppauge set-top-boxes for clients. Does way more than just serve movies and video.

    Biggest draw back (as always) is hardware compatibility and I'm not sure if it's still under active development. Looks like the last production release, 8.10, came out in September of last year.

    Check out the video of an older version:

  4. Kelly:

    If you want help/advice whatever with Ubuntu, let me know. I'm more comfortable with Linux than Windows or OSX.