Fourth Amendment Win


  1. me:

    Oh no - how can we fight terrorism now? Think of the children!

  2. mahtso:

    Information at the Volokh Blog shows that you have overstated the holding of this case: using GPS is a search, but not all seaches require a warrant.

  3. andre:

    Well, that's a relief, especially considering that the 4th amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights that still has any relevance in real life.

  4. marco73:

    During oral arguments in the case, Justice Stevens asked if the government could place a secret tracking device on the cars of the nine Supreme Court justices, without a warrant. It was the government's position, YES.

    This ruling will just force authorities to come up with some boilerplate BS for a warrant, using one of their favorites: the unnamed street informer who is 100% trustworthy and competent.

  5. ParatrooperJJ:

    Negavite Ghostrider - they ruled that placing a GPS tracker was a search under the 4th amendement, not that a warrant was required.