3D Painting

I like to send my daughter, the artist, examples of people working in new media to help inspire her.  This is pretty amazing -- 3D painting in layers of acrylic.  These are NOT objects embedded in the clear plastic, its all painting in thin layers, like a 3D printer.


  1. Sean:

    Our company does coating work on 3D printed parts (aka, rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing). There are several sculptors working in the digital side of things. If your daughter is interested in both art and math, http://www.bathsheba.com has some pretty interesting pieces. Bathsheba Grossman who is the sculptor who started this site years ago is an interesting and very open person to talk to. She is out of Santa Cruz, CA. On the east coast where I reside, there are a number of sculptors out of NY and a few in Maryland where I am that are looking at combining traditional sculpting with 3D scanning and data capture. Additionally, there are even techniques where multiple photos can be analyzed to make 3D CAD files that can be printed. I know its not painting but the intersection of science, engineering and art is pretty amazing in the 3D word.

  2. I Got Bupkis, AGW Skeptic to the stars:

    >>> the intersection of science, engineering and art

    The sad thing is that people actually think there's any real difference between those three things. At their heart, they are one and the same.