Greek Slow-Motion Bank Run



  1. el coronado:

    Ummmm....I think we're really not supposed to talk about this....See: SEC/DoT/DHS Directive #666SHTF, "Otherwise the terrorists Win".

  2. joshv:

    Smart move, a Euro in hand is worth a Euro. A Euro in a Greek Bank is mostly like to be converted to Drachma at some point in the not so distant future. Wait till this starts happening in Italy.

  3. Don:

    "Slow your roll, baby!"

  4. Bram:

    Why do I feel like a Roman in 407 wondering how bad it can get?

  5. joe:

    i would bet you can make that same chart for the usa too, just with a lower slope. the whole problem is what to do with real estate that can crash further, crappy stocks that can flash crash, or gold/silver.

  6. John:

    I think I would be converting my Euros to Swiss Francs.

  7. aeronathan:

    Expect the same of Italy in a week or two. German banks are going to be flush with Euros....

  8. Bram:

    I'm thinking of converting all of my dollars to seeds and ammo. A little farm well away from major population centers with some goats and chickens would be an excellent investment.

  9. caseyboy:

    Bram, you have it right. I think we are going to be "back to basics" when the monetary system crashes and leads to huge disruptions in the supply of food.