Obama Administration Wants Jobs Without Employers

At least that is the only conclusion I can draw.   All the talk in this administration about job creation, yet they stand staunchly athwart the only only major industry that is really trying to grow, hire, and invest right now.  Just letting off the brakes the Administration has set on oil and gas drilling would lead to the creation of a ton of jobs, and better jobs than we will get with a new WPA paying workers to dig holes and fill them back in again.


  1. Don:

    No, no, no!!! You completely misunderstand. He wants employers. But just the correct TYPE of employers. You know, those that knuckle under to big Labor, those that are "green", those that are, well, the government.

    Those nasty employers that are out to make a profit from honest work, we CAN'T have THEM proliferating. What would the neighbors in Europe think?

    Geesh! What are you thinking??!!

  2. Maddog:

    His policies reap employers without jobs. One of the best analysis of this is here: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/business-owners-speak-on-struggles-with-obamacare-regulations/

    The article fingers taxes, energy costs and healthcare as the primary impediments to hiring. That does not even consider the Dodd/Frank bill or the massive amount of new regulation the President has foisted on employers.

    The end game is, of course, automation and Americans are becoming used to more automation so this trend will only accelerate. If the Administration does not begin loosening the regulatory restraints on business, reduce or stabilize taxes, energy, healthcare and regulatory costs we could enter a spiral where workforce decline accelerates and business uncertainty holds back both hiring and expansion of businesses into new manufacturing and service fields. OK that is already happening.

    I hope the disconfirmation bias does not let the progressive movement hold on to its collapsing world view to the destruction of us all but I suspect they will hold on far too long for my comfort. Time to break out the book When Prophecy Fails to see whether Festinger and his coauthors have any ideas on how to bread the hold the disconfirmation bias has on the progressives.

    Mark Sherman

  3. steve:

    If you want to split the democratic party, there is one sure way to do it. I warn you though its not pretty. Unionize big oil.

  4. Corky Boyd:

    The oil and gas industry is the best example of where jobs would quickly be made. Unlike Obama's previous efforts to subsidize temporary jobs and sales in idustries with little demand -- windmills, ethanol, photivoltaic etc., there is instant demand in the US for every barrel of oil we produce. Every barrel produced here will supplant a barrel of imported oil. Jobs the adminstration has forced overseas will be filled here. And the Feds get royalties (25%) for oil from federal leases (think Alaska and the Gulf).

    First places to start are the Gulf, Shell's offshore Alaska find (held back by EPA fly-specking)and Conoco's NPR2 lease, stalled by USACE's stubborn refusal to allow a bridge to get equipment in and pipeline the oil out. Reportedly there are 230,000 jobs to be had in the Gulf and probably 30,000 on Shell's lease.

    But it won't happen until the voters remove Obama from office.