New Favorite Album

It's been quiet here, and nothing seems to get commenters stirred up like definitive opinions on modern music.

It's been a long time since I listened to an album multiple times in just a few days.  I really have fallen for the second album from the Liquid Tension Experiment.  Includes John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, another of my current favorites.  The album is all instrumental, lots of guitar, with a prog rock flavor.   If you like that, you might also check out the solo instrumental guitar effort of Alan Morse, of Spock's Beard.  More prog rock instrumental guitar, Morse on this album is almost the reincarnation of 70's Jeff Beck (e.g. There and Back).


  1. Chris G.:

    No mention of the incomparable Tony Levin?

  2. Todd:

    Spock's Beard - V, one of the great, pretty much unknown albums of all time.

    And the newish Transatlantic CD isn't so shabby, either. :-)

  3. eCurmudgeon:

    About half of LTE 2 is worth listening to (Acid Rain, Biaxident, Another Dimension, When the Water Breaks). The rest of it is, well, meh.

  4. eCurmudgeon:

    Also... While not prog rock, "Fuzz Universe" from guitarist Paul Gilbert (featured on one of the Satriani/Vai G3 tours) has been growing on me as well.

  5. Anon:

    LTE is great. 2 > 1. But both are awesome. An Evening with Rudess and Petrucci is also very good.

    And, for the record, DT is one of the best bands out there. I'm looking forward to hearing how they do without Portnoy.

  6. Ralph Lockwood:

    OK, lets get something straight here. No one commenting in this section has ANY credibility if they do not bow down before the incredible awesomeness that is: PORCUPINE TREE! Steve Wilson and the boys are simply one of best groups performing live in the past two decades. Bar none. If you haven't heard of Porcupine Tree, then you're not paying attention and you're probably a EMO-oriented weenie-brain!