The Left is Simply Unserious

This is the response from the Left to a proposed 1.6% cut in the Federal budget, that would reduce the annual deficit by a whopping 6%.  Greece here we come!

The Senate is expected to vote this week on alternative plans to approve spending for the rest of this year.  They will vote on whether to agree to the extreme cuts passed by the House (H.R. 1) - $65 billion less than last year's spending for domestic programs.  The House bill will deny vital services to millions of people, from young children to seniors. Please tell your Senators to VOTE NO on H.R. 1 and to vote FOR the Senate alternative. The proposed Senate bill cuts spending $6.5 billion below last year's levels, compared to more than $60 billion in cuts in H.R. 1.  Most of the extreme cuts in the House plan listed below are not made in the Senate bill.

Call NOW toll-free 888-245-0215 (the vote could be as early as Tuesday)
Please call both your Senators and tell them to VOTE NO on H.R. 1 and FOR the Senate full-year FY 2011 bill.  Tell them to vote NO on harsh and unprecedented cuts that will deny health care, education, food, housing, and jobs to millions of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, while at the same time jeopardizing the economic recovery for all.


  1. MJ:

    I think the reality is that neither side is serious about budget-cutting. The Right proposes a modest cut in spending, and categorically exempts entire classes of spending from the cuts, ironically those parts of the budget that make up most of the spending. The Left then decries these modest cuts as "harsh" and "extreme". Nobody involved in these debates is serious.

  2. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    >> The Left is Simply Unserious

    No, they're serious fools and serious idiots.

    There's also always some lunatic cause they can seriously get behind and be seriously in favor of.

    And don't call me Sirius.

  3. mahtso:

    Who is the “Left” and who is the “Right?”

    I think the Dems are more strongly identified as the Left and Reps, the Right.

    Although the Republicans have been big spenders, I don’t see any hope that the Dems will come to heel, whereas there is at least a possibility the Republicans will.

    The blogger routinely calls the Republicans and Dems the Coke and Pepsi parties. Colorful, yes, but on the issue of spending, there is a world of difference between the two parties.

  4. el coronado:

    vin suprynowicz described the "differences" between the 2 parties best, i think. (paraphrasing here) "1 party drives the bus toward the thousand-foot cliff at 100 MPH while assuring the passengers there is no cliff; the other drives the bus towards the same cliff at *90* MPH while assuring the passengers they are in fact in reverse."

    the budget goes up under every president, R or D. the federal register gets fatter every year under every president, R or D. every president and his staff/cabinet are members of the CFR and have been since soon after it was formed, R or D. (IIRC) and the kabuki theater goes on, it seems. "hey, folks! look at the shiny object over there!!"

    philip dru would be so pleased.