My Friday Entertainment

I love to watch groups dedicated to victimhood argue with their peers over whose group constitutes the biggest victims.  I enjoy it, that is, until I remember that they are fighting over the division of loot plundered from me.


  1. Michael:

    You're starting to sound like TJIC.

  2. perlhaqr:

    Don't these groups understand how they're hurting their own members? I mean, when I'm looking for a contractor, I look to see who has good reviews on their work. It would never occur to me to even look at the ethnicity or gender of the owner. Unless there's a program like this around, in which case I have to wonder: if the company is only getting hired because the boss is a black man, and not because they're actually good, I'm sure as hell not going to hire them to work on my house.

  3. Bonnie:

    Which means, I believe, that you're giving up some of your 3/4ths of the pie. Why is it so bad to have only your fair share?

  4. Bonnie:

    Also, perlhaqr:

    It sounds like you're assuming that if the boss is a black man, the company is automatically no good.

    Tell me, what's that called again?

  5. Michael:

    I don't read perlhaqr that way. I read it as him saying if a company is only going after government set a sides, then he would question the quality of the company's work.

  6. spiro:


    You are pretty damn narrow-minded and obviously a race-bating reactionary. What perlhaqr is saying is that people should be judged on merit, not color of skin (oh, who also said that???? hint: he was named after a German priest, there is probably a street named after him in your town, he has his own holiday in January).

    Once you find that people are getting jobs preferentially BECAUSE of their ethnicity, then you have to wonder if they are qualified TECHNICALLY for the job. It they get the job based solely on their ability to do the job, then there is no doubt.

    Scenario: your house catches fire and you fall through the stairs and break your leg. Who would you rather arrive to carry you out, the 200 lb athletic MALE firefighter, or a 110 lb female waif who got the job to fit a quota? -- her "fair 1/4" as you referenced it)

  7. SChaser:

    Bonnie - to explain it more precisely: if someone is discriminated for because of some characteristic other than their quality and capability, then anyone in that class has an obviously higher probability of being low quality - but if there were no positive discrimination like this, their probability would not be evaluated this way.

    Put another way... do you want an affirmative action doctor doing your brain surgery?

  8. tehag:


    - his fair share is 4/5 of the pie, that's why 3/4s isn't fair.

    - doubting a company is any good because it receives special favors from the government is called realism.

  9. SuperMike:

    Um, did I miss the part in there about the lowest bidder?