I obviously need to go out and buy an SUV to reverse this:

Phoenix-area temperatures could drop as low as the mid-20s early Tuesday morning, possibly breaking the record low temperature of 30 degrees set in 1911.


  1. David Zetland:

    Climate CHANGE means MORE variation.

    Keep your bicycle.

  2. Evil Red Scandi:

    @David - as opposed to those long stretches of history where climate wasn't variable? You know, the ones that exist only in your fantasies?

    We had frost in some parts of San Diego this morning...

  3. LoneSnark:

    As the owner of this blog would say, we have yet to be given any mechanism for greater CO2 concentration to produce greater variability. As far as the science goes, CO2 should cause higher temperatures and lower variability by warming up the cold seasons more than the warm seasons.

  4. m:

    "I obviously need to go out and buy an SUV to reverse this"

    I prefer a carbon subsidy.

  5. Mesa Econoguy:

    I got rid of mine last year, so I'm partly to blame.

  6. Dan:

    I realize this post is a joke, but hopefully we all know that one day's strange or record-setting weather in one place doesn't come close to proving or disproving global warming.

    Even the record heat across much of the world this year doesn't prove global warming. Record cold next year wouldn't disprove global warming. Too many people on both sides are quick to make radical jumps in logic based on little to no useful data, though I think those who deny warming are generally the ones most likely to tout statistics like the one here as proof points.

    I happen to think most of the data point toward a gradual global warming that's taken place over the last 150 years. And it coincides well with the industrial age. On the other hand, there was a long period of global warming around the year 1000, obviously long before the industrial age, so these things can happen naturally, too. The jury is out on how long this current warming will last and how much carbon dioxide generated by industrial activity is to blame.