Who Knew The Great Zombie Invasion Was This Easy to Thwart?

Via the Washington Post and Hit and Run

The National Park Service says it has no permit filed for zombie activity at the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday morning by AMC, a posse of zombies, or anyone else.

Wow, that was easy to stop.  And here I thought government permitting and licensing requirements were counter-productive.  Chalk one up for the statists.


  1. Maddog:

    Sadly this is exactly how the feds would attempt to thwart a zombie invasion. We are so Screwed!!!

  2. Noah Bawdy:

    Zombie, "Brains !"
    NPS, "You'll need a permit for that."

  3. Noah Bawdy:

    Oh wait, there's no brains in DC anyway... go ahead.

  4. Sedulous:

    It won't be that easy. Kinda like how effectively a "Gun Free Zone" keeps out guns and deters violent criminal activities. Zombies will do whatever they wanna do.

  5. caseyboy:

    The zombies couldn't get the day off from the director of the IRS.

  6. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    Oh wait, there’s no brains in DC anyway… go ahead.

    Hey, you're right.

    So the key part of defeating any zombie threat is to figure out how to lure them to DC.

    Then they'll starve, or whatever it is zombies do in the absence of their food source...

    An interesting take on "The Government Solution to the Zombie problem", for sure.

    Sort of reminiscent of Bradley's Bromide:
    If computers ever get too powerful,we can organize them into a committee... that will do them in.

  7. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    > The zombies couldn’t get the day off from the director of the IRS.

    No, sorry, you're confusing "Thieving Vampires" with "Zombies". Not the same by any means.

    Thieving Vampires are much, much more loathsome.

  8. IgotBupkis:

    Oh, and my original intention to comment:

    This is the network that used to be called "American Movie Classics"... right?