Perhaps No Longer the World's Geekiest Hobby

I make no appologies for how my geeky model railroading hobby.  But here is Rod Stewart, fellow model railroader, standing up for the hobby:

So now TJIC will have to go scrambling through his back issues of Anvil Weekly to see if maybe Katy Perry made the cover.


  1. Mark:

    Man, having sex with 25 year old supermodels really does keep you looking young. I can't believe how good Rod Stewart looks.

  2. ankita:

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  3. Bruce:

    And why would apologies for the hobby be required? There was an article in Model Railroading a few years back about Rod Stewart. Looks like he spends his time on the road working on his modeling (he ships the buildings, equipment, etc. home for final installation after the tour) rather than trashing himself and his surroundings. Not what one would call typical rock star behavior (hmm, could he be a "subversive"?