Congratulations Phoenix-Area Police

Via TJIC, Copblock releases links to police officers accused of committing crimes.  The list for just one week is ridiculously long, and surely would be longer if not for the law of Omerta among police that cause only a small percentage of their crimes to see the light of day.  Congratulations to Phoenix area police (including Mesa and Maricopa County) for making the list seven times.

- Phoenix AZ cop who was charged with murder, planted drugs on mentally challenged homeless lady

- Phoenix AZ cop given 2nd degree murder charge after shooting unarmed man to death

- Mesa AZ cop grabs 2 women by the neck and slams their heads together

- Maricopa County AZ sheriff sued for intentionally locking disabled woman in jail cell w/several men for 6 hours

- 6 Mesa AZ cops sued for tasing, kicking and beating man

- Maricopa County AZ sheriff ordered to fix unconstitutional conditions at jails in ACLU suit by 9th circuit court

- Phoenix AZ cop arrested on DV-related aggravated assault after witness called cops

Solid work for one week.


  1. Doug:

    The constitution sets standards for jail conditions?

  2. gadfly:

    ...and I thought that libertarians knew and agreed with the precept that the accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    ...and the second rule of law should be that if the 9th circus makes any ruling, it is probably wrong and/or politically motivated.

    Time to rethink why it is necessary to implicate all Arizona LEOs for the wrongful conduct of a few while wishing to give all the illegals pouring into the Grand Canyon State a blanket pardon...

  3. mark:

    Interesting how the problems seem to be mostly Phoenix and Mesa police. No charges against the county except for the probably overwrought, unconstitutional jail conditions.

    Might want to change your opinion of Joe.

  4. John Moore:

    The tent city jail conditions are hardly unconstitutional - for a penal institution. However, when people are held there in pre-trial detention (which I believe was at the heart of this case), it's just wrong.

  5. caseyboy:

    When it comes to law enforcement it seems to be guilty unless proven innocent. These men and women work in the trenches dealing with some rather unsavory and sometimes dangerous people. And, when you finally get someone up on charges a swamped DA will likely plea bargain to a slap on the hands so that the cop has to start all over again. Or a lenient judge throws out evidence or otherwise steers the trial in the defendant's favor. Admittedly, I'm a law and order guy. If I felt we had a citizenry made up of God fearing people who knew their behavior in this world would be judged in the next, I'd gladly adopt the Libertarian mantra. However, given the general moral decay of our society and the perverse motivations of some, I'm all for aggressive law enforcement. I have nothing to fear and with few exceptions, those who obey the law have nothing to fear either.

  6. mahtso:

    "The tent city jail conditions are hardly unconstitutional – for a penal institution. However, when people are held there in pre-trial detention (which I believe was at the heart of this case), it’s just wrong."

    I’d like to see some facts to support the latter contention: (1) I was under the impression that everyone in tent city has been convicted. (Those awaiting trial are held in the regular jail.); and (2) the lawsuit started long before tent city was built.

  7. winston smith:

    i have this online too.

    i like the officers who like 16 year old girls.

  8. Bill:

    Caseyboy, you are truly naive. I get so disgusted with you law and order types I could throw up. Everything in your post is a fallacy. Police officer does not make the top ten list of dangerous jobs. Swamped DA's? Are you kidding? Most, if not all, DA's want to plead cases out so they can pad their conviction rates. Lenient judges steer the trial in the defendant's favor? What? So, I guess you don't believe we should have any Constitutional protects from overzealous police and prosecutors. The fact of the matter is most people, I would venture 95%+ are normal law abiding citizens that just want to be left alone. However, with the passage of literally thousands and thousands of laws, edicts, rules and regulations by the State and the Feds, a law abiding citizen can no longer go about their daily business without being in violation of one of them. As for your last contention, you must not pay attention to any news outlets. Get a grip on yourself, wake up and smell the tuna fish.

  9. Rita:

    caseyboy? Every cop in america is a willing soldier in a war of oppression, and the enemy is us. They're not here to protect us, or to serve us, despite the words painted on the sides of their cars. They're here to serve themselves and protect their own careers, and in doing so break more laws in ONE DAY than most of us do in a lifetime. And unlike OUR crimes, every one of theirs has victims. (BTW, the US Constitution DOES prohibit cruel and unusual punishment, and pretrial detainees ARE held in tent city.)

  10. Dylboz:

    Just a heads up from a Cop Block blogger (who, living down Pima way, keeps an eye on happenings in the Phoenix Metro area, which always threatens to consume us from the north, as only the outlet malls in Casa Grande stand in its way), we get that list from David at Injustice Everywhere. He does a great service, and doesn't mind having his news feed being shared and raising awareness about police misconduct, so long as proper credit is given for his extensive and exhaustive work. We'll be making a greater effort going forward to make sure his feed is properly attributed, but if you could figure a way to add that here, like a hat tip or somesuch, I'd be much obliged. Also, I hope you read my article on the PPD shooting involving Officer Chrisman posted at Cop Block a while back. There'll be a follow up to that one soon, as well as a new article about the recent spate of shootings by Feds who were backed up by TPD officers down here in the Old Pueblo.

  11. David McElroy:

    I lived in Phoenix for many years, and saw firsthand numerous occasions of cops gone wild. They operate like wolves. The bigger the city, the more likely cops are violent criminal thugs disrespecting any and all. Just asking for a badge number could get you killed. It ain't Mayberry, folks!

  12. PALEM:

    This is minor compared to what goes on in Yavapai county Arizona. All of the misconduct that is going on right now within the Phoenix PD is nothing compared to the corruption and misconduct of many officers in all the law enforcement agencies in Yavapai county. So many people are taken advantage of, intimidated, and bullied by Law Enforcement in this county that no one will take a stand against it. Why? Because people around the county are afraid of the public service that should be protecting them, and Law Enforcement delights in this fear. The people are afraid of what has happened to others at the hands of Law Enforcement around here, everything from harassment, stalking, disappearances, and murder.
    Officers that file and press false charges (for nothing more than creating revenue) to sexual harassment of female citizens, stalking and harassment of citizens that have file complaints, excessive force and brutality, intimidation and torture, and even murder. They get away with it legally, I know of back alley treaties between Hell's Angel's and other gangs and Law Enforcement to do each others dirty work. Law Enforcement sees the value in this area of doing business with these groups because they can quickly and easily twist the truth and shift the focus off of them and on to the other guys.
    How do I know this things? I used to be in Law Enforcement in the area, the corruption here would make anyone's head spin! It happens and no one talks about it. There is a code among the brotherhood of Law Enforcement, a code that they will kill over. Civilians and officers alike! Take my word it is going on.

  13. PALEM:

    Your right David, they act like they are crazed Frat Boys at a hazing ritual! But, it also happens in the small towns and to a larger degree. They know that they have the town on lock down. Brady list, what Brady list it doesn't exist in these places.