Awful DISCLOSE Act Passes House

No time today to comment, so I will direct you over to John Stossel who has more on this really awful piece of legislation.

Update: More in the Washington Examiner.  And here is a rare bit of honesty, where a Democratic Congressman admits the law is about keeping Republicans from being elected.  Team Coke wants to keep Team Pepsi from advertising.


  1. randy:

    which is team Coke? I thought it was the other way round...

  2. MicroNomics:

    Don't worry. When team Pepsi gets into office, they will use the same law against team Coke.

  3. Michael:

    Rep. Hank Johnson must be smoking Obama's stash. BP largest campaign contribution ever went to Obama. Where does GE, Microsoft, Apple and guys like Buffet put their money?

    What this is really about is to prevent small businesses from coming together to run adds showing how government is hurting them.