Markets in Everything, March Madness Edition

Sorry to steal the phrase from Marginal Revolution, but it seems appropriate for this story -- Surgery as an excuse to be laid up in bed watching TV

Come to find out that untold numbers of American males at this very moment are propped up in front of their television sets at home, bags of ice strategically placed in their respective crotches.

Cleveland urologist Dr. Stephen Jones has noted a 50 percent increase in recent years in vasectomies performed a day or two [before] the start of the NCAA men's tournament.

That's a lot of slicing and dicing.

You can imagine the dialogue, first between the dude and his woman:

"Honey, doc says I gotta take it easy for a couple of days. I'll be back to normal after the weekend."

Or this one with the boss:

"Sorry, I'll be out Thursday and Friday. Surgical procedure. Nothing big. No, I'll be laid up and it probably will be better if I start up fresh on Monday, OK?

Not sure I have the cojones to try that.


  1. Gloobnib:


    I've had the procedure, and did exactly as described. It was actually recommended by the doctor as "a popular choice". His general guideline was to have it done on a Thursday morning and return to work on Monday. His two recommended timeframes were "day before Thanksgiving" and "March Madness".

    FWIW - This advice is consistent with medical necessity. It just turns out to be a minor bonus schedule-wise.

  2. dullgeek:

    Oh yeah. I'm surprised that this isn't more common knowledge. When I had the procedure done a few years ago, the waiting line for a vasectomy in March was a couple of years long! My urologist even told my wife, "I'm not kidding. He needs to sit around and do nothing for at least 3 days." He made her promise 2 things:

    1) Don't ask him to do anything.
    2) Don't let him do anything.

    Except for the fact that I had ice on my crotch, it was pretty awesome!

  3. DrTorch:

    I'm not sure I'd have the cojones to make that pun!

    Nicely played, Coyote.

  4. IgotBupkis:

    > Not sure I have the cojones to try that.

    Well, if you do, they won't matter any more.