On The Air on Park Privatization in Arizona

I am on 550 KFYI radio at 8 tonight in Phoenix talking about my offer to keep state parks open. Update: The audio is posted here.


  1. Pat Moffitt:

    It seems to be a common political strategy to deny the public a service they actually use (parks). The closing of the parks was the first budget cut threatened in NJ.

  2. Mark:

    To Pat:

    Yeah very common, in fact they always say Police, Fire, then teachers and then parks.

    Interestingly many times with parks it costs more to shut them down. The big expense (since the state frequently doesn't do much to upkeep the place) is frequently paying the salary of the park ranger who collects the entry fees. Second expense is emptying the garbage can twice a week, so you use state trash services. And when the park closes - do they lay off the ranger or the trash guy? Nope, so now you have no revenue stream and you are still paying the guy who used to work there.

  3. streetfighter:

    Sell the parks.

  4. Cecil:


    You got your ideas presented without being strident or pushy or sounding evil or greedy. Congrats for taking the plunge into the media and political abyss.

    Idaho is dealing with some of the same budgetary pressures as AZ with some really funky bequests of public lands that have to remain open but the state can't afford it. Maybe you could help us.

  5. Robert Kalupa:

    How do I get in touch with Mr. Meyer??