Will the Airport Police Publish the Contents of Your Luggage?

NFL running back Onterrio Smith was apparently detained at the Twin Cities airport for possessing a device used to beat drug tests:

A search of a bag Smith was carrying April 21 turned up several
vials of dried urine and a device called "The Original
Whizzinator," which includes a fake penis, bladder and athletic

Lets be clear on this - the device, is as far as I know completely legal.  Mr. Smith is not even in violation of NFL rules for possessing one in an airport - only actually strapping this bad boy on in an actual drug test would violate rules.  Apparently the police mistook the vials of dried urine for cocaine (I can already picture a future Will Farrell movie with a scene based on such a mix up).

Here is what scares me - why do we know about this?  Once it was determined that Mr. Smith did not possess any illegal devices or substances, he should have been left to go on his way.  Why are the airport police handing this story to the press?  Why were Mr. Smith's employers in the NFL notified?  Why isn't Mr. Smith and the contents of his luggage owed privacy?  What's next, stories about famous women found with vibrators in their luggage?



  1. Steve Redlich:

    >>> Why are the airport police handing this story to the press?

    Even though the TSA has has been greatly successful at finding nail cutters, scissors and pocket knives, Many big law enforcement agencies call a press conference to trumpet their biggest catches [caches of drugs, weapons, etc]. It helps show the public what a great job they are doing;)

  2. GSR:

    Ah, nothing like delighting in the complete emabarassment of others. This story did make me laugh, but it's disturbing on a number of accounts, as Coyote has shown. The device isn't illegal unless employed. Period. The TSA or Local Cops should never have released a statement on thier "findings". Mr. Smith probably has some serious issues that need to be addressed, but certainly not by the TSA, Police or Press. I'm a total legal idiot, but I'd sure like to see a big time lawyer go after the police on this one for something (invasion of privacy??). Hell, if I want to carry around a case of fake penises, it may raise eyebrows, but it should never make the press...