How to Make a Libertarian Nuts

Show him this chart, via Carpe Diem



  1. rob sama:

    What's up with Jacksonville?

  2. artemis:

    I'm libertarian, and I don't get it. Why would this make me nuts?

  3. NewEnglandDevil:


    What does it mean to you when D.C. has six job postings per unemployed person? Hint: Who is the biggest employer in D.C.?

  4. Jim Collins:

    Several years ago I had just bought a 35mm camera and a couple lenses. Like a kid with a new toy, I was taking pictures of everything. One evening I was at my girlfriend's house, showing her the pictures that I just had developed. Her dad was sitting there looking at the pictures and asked to see the negative of one of the pictures. I gave it to him and he took it into his home office and closed the door. About 15 minutes later he came out and offered me $500 to buy the picture and the rights to the picture. I had to go into his office the next day to sign some paperwork and to get my check for the picture. As it turned out, my girlfriend's father worked for a local newspaper. I asked what the big deal was about that picture and was told that it complimented a large series of articles that they were about to publish. In the picture was a man dressed in shabby clothing, holding up a sign saying "Will work for food.". In the background of the picture, you could count 15 Help Wanted signs. They published it on the front page of the newspaper, blown-up so that the signs were visable. The picture was taken in Jacksonville, Florida in 1987.