Thought For the Day on Government Management

Via John Stossel:

On that note, economist Justin Ross points out on his blog how, for 44 cents, you could mail a letter via USPS - or buy a kiwi fruit that had to be grown and watered in New Zealand, picked, carefully packaged, and shipped across the world to a store near you.


  1. Richard:

    Government mismanagement. And these are the people that want to run our health care.

  2. Mickey Langan:

    This is not really fair. That kiwi didn't have to be address scanned and individually routed, with routes to every single address in America maintained.

  3. Les:

    As Langan said, the big problem with the USPS is it's in this weird half-in/half-out corporate/government service thing in that it has to try and operate under a regime where it makes back it's costs from it's users and yet is also mandated to provide service to EVERYONE, including people who no sane for-profit service would extend service to.

  4. Jess:

    Ok, let's make it "apples to apple" - a 1lb package from my office to my biggest customer FedEx ground (they pick it up & deliver) costs me $6.10 and arrives the next day.
    That same service for the same package is $10.41 USPS, and $6.21 UPS.
    Guess which one I use?

  5. Rick C:

    Mickey Langan, it's not as if the vast majority of that database of routes and addresses changes on a daily basis, though.

  6. tomw:

    Rick C:
    You perhaps should have mentioned that 1)UPS and FedEx also have the same number of routes and addresses to maintain and 2)USPS contracts with FedEx to air-ship their 'priority' packages, they don't run an air fleet, shipping nexus nor any of the fixed and long term costs that FedEx does...