Spelling Errors and Evolution

I thought this Kenneth Chang column in the NY Times was pretty interesting.  Much like we can sometimes spot plagiarism by spotting where spelling errors have been reproduced, apparently errors in our DNA give clear pointers to our evolution from other species.

All my complaints about the NY Times not-withstanding, I think if the Times were to disappear, I would miss their science reporting the most.


  1. Prof Frink:

    This was all in Miller's book, Only a Theory. His coherent, easy-to-understand, thrashing of intelligent design was fantastic. Unfortunately, he spent the last few chapters trying to demonstrate his spirituality despite his defense of evolution. I can't quite remember, but he wrote some nonsense about how the universe intended for us to exist, so in a way, evolution is a type of intelligent design. Like I said, he threw his ration and reason out the window.

  2. Ian Random:

    I'm a creationist since I live in the pacific northwest. As near as I can figure from the news, god created the spotted owl and it's habitat, so it can't adapt or change. :-)