Why Goldman Sachs, GE, etc. are Behind Cap and Trade

Chris Horner of NRO used this Far Side cartoon as a good way to illustrate why many large corporations have jumped on the Waxman-Markey bandwagon:


Waxman-Markey is not climate or energy policy, its a pillar in Obama's attempt to build a European-style corporate state, where a clique of large unions, large corporations, and selected politicians run the state to their own mutual benefit.

PS-  I'm not buying the Goldman Sachs as trilateral commission conspiracy in Horners article.  But the direct line from Enron to the current cap-and-trade bill is an important one that is under-reported.  Enron was on the cap-and-trade lobbying bandwagon very early on.


  1. SuperMike:

    Of course Enron was on the cap and trade bandwagon, they were energy traders! They would simply have added a little computer code and began to trade carbon credits alongside their energy and energy futures; they even already had the customers. Just imagine all the weird arbitrage and futures opportunities that could have opened up, too...

  2. thebastidge:

    "Obama’s attempt to build a European-style corporate state"

    AKA: Fascism.

  3. doug:

    Why are not more people aware and angry over the cap and trade bill Obama's is pushing. It will not only hurt small business but also the average family that may heat with wood. It is harmful to our already traumatized nation. I tell everyone to call their congressman to put a stop to the insanity. I think Obama and his cabinet is responsible for global warming by making so many people boil. Get rid of them to slow global warming!!!