Go Cardinals

I have no vocal chords as I screamed them out yesterday at the game as the Cardinals beat the Eagles to win the NFC championship.  Yesterday's game was one of the more unlikely events I have ever personally witnessed, and caps an incredible playoff run where a team that just 45 days ago was absolutely pathetic somehow found themselves in week 16 of the season.   During the final Eagle drive (the one around 2 minutes to go, not the pathetic last play) the crowd was the loudest I have ever heard at any sporting event  (the previous personal best was probably some games at the old Palestra in Philly, the home of "Big 5" basketball).

Anyway, this screen shot from weather.com  seemed appropriate:



  1. Xmas:

    Since the Pats got bounced out, I've been rooting for your Cardinals. I had a couple of Cards players (James and Hightower) on my Fantasy Team, so I've become rather fond of them.

    (Yes, I had the the two Cardinals running backs on my fantasy team, yes they weren't very useful.)

  2. JohnF:

    Xmas: Me too!

    Go Pats!

    But it was great watching the Cardinals stomp those sons of bitches from Philly, home of the worst fans on earth.

  3. Jay:

    The dream run will end real soon. Sorry to say, but the Steelers are going to absolutely crush the Cardinals.

  4. Kirk:

    Big 5 basketball in Philly was the best of all possible sporting worlds at one time. The crowds were raucous and the teams were competitive (with each other, if not the world at large). It all came crashing down for me when Corky Calhoun got caught signing with an agent while in college and the 'Nova Wildcats had to forfeit their season, including the #2 ranking behind UCLA. Sports in general, and college sport in particular, slid into the abyss of corruption after that. Probably this happened in my mind, but it seems real enough.

    John - Philly fans think of themselves as the best fans on earth. They (we) are a little hard on our "heros" though. Just ask Mike Schmidt.

  5. johnF:

    Kirk: Also hard on visiting fans from other teams!

  6. rox_publius:

    Imagine the national press if this happened in philly.


    or this


    ESPN would run all the clips and have a five minute segment on the philly fan as antichrist. i use this not as an indictment of giants or cards fans in general, but to illustrate that the philly fan as villain is overstated.

  7. Dale:

    You got me on that one. I thought you had found the weather for Hell, Michigan (about right for Sunday, though the windchill was probably lower.)http://www.hell2u.com

  8. Greg:

    Congratulations on your team making the Super Bowl. I've often supported the teams that have had a history of losing, so I'll be rooting for the Cardinals this year!

  9. Bob W:

    I'm also a Patriots Fan But I say GO Cardinals I like Kurt Warner he is a Great Quarterback
    and I'm Happy for all of the Arizona Cardinal FANS who have waited so long to Go to the Superbowl

  10. Jim Collins:

    Open season on Cardinals with no bag limit!!!

    Go Steelers!!!

  11. Joey Guido:

    Coach Whisenhunt, asst. coach Grimm and the red clad team of destiny will derail town aluminum!!! Go, BIG RED CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. eddie:

    As usual, my friends and I watched the Superbowl as the only football game we've seen all year. When it came time to arbitrarily choose a side to root for, I enthusiastically picked your beloved Cardinals - in part because they were the underdogs, in part because they were the Cinderella Story, in part because Arizona seems to be one of the more libertarian places in the whole dang country, but mostly because I knew you were rooting for them.

    What a game. Some amazing plays on both sides. Gripping right down to the end. Congrats to the Cardinals for getting as far as they did, and for making an entertaining Superbowl.