New Climate Presentation (From the RCRC Climate Debate)

I have finally been able to publish a video of my presentation at the climate debate held by the Regional Council of Rural Counties last September.  The entire video is about an hour long.  As usual, I am offering several ways to view it.  First, it has been posted on YouTube but had to be broken into seven parts.  The playlist of all seven parts is below:

The playlist link is here:  RCRC Climate Debate (Skeptic's Side)

Unfortunately, YouTube crushes the resolution so many of the charts are hard to read.  You can download the full resolution windows media version (about 96MB) as long as my bandwidth holds out by right-clicking and downloading form this link:  Download RCRC Climate Debate (wmv)

Also, you can stream higher resolution version of this film (and all my other climate films) at this site.  The resolution is not as good as the downloadable version but is much better than YouTube.  Again, bandwidth pending.

Finally, you can download the actual powerpoint presentation shown in this video here or you can view the presentation online here.

In the future, all of my videos and presentations will be available via the links just under the banner at Climate Skeptic.


  1. robert61:

    You can save your bandwidth and boost download speeds by posting it at a torrent site.

  2. TCO:

    1. All this kerfuffle and fluster but still no \validation of extent that closeness to a tennis couirt or the like affects temp over time at a sensor.

    2. All this kerfuffle on faulty sensors, but still no relatove comparison of clean and alleged sensor temp trends...and the few who did look found no signifacant difference...but you biry that.

    3. Given that you persist in this stuff, must assume you are dumb or dishonest...or given McKinsey background, both.

  3. OClvl3:

    Couldn't you save bandwidth by making this a flash file? You should be able to make a flash file using the slides from your powerpoint and adding the audio file. I doubt it would be much bigger than the audio and picture files put together.