I Guess Its Not Working Very Well

From my daily email from the Goldwater Institute:

In only five years, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System budget is slated to more than double.

When double-speak government agency names meet reality!


  1. somebody:

    Isn't it basically a law of nature that the budget for any government program always at least doubles?

  2. Jim Collins:

    There exists a set of laws that explains all of this. These laws are as valid as anything established by Newton, Boyle or alot of other dead people.

    These are the Laws of Bureaucracy.

    Law I. Bureaucracy will expand to fill all available space.
    Law II. Bureaucracy will consume all availible resources.
    Law III. Bureaucracy's primary function is self-preservation.

    When dealing with Bureaucracy, you can't win, you can't tie and you can't quit.

    Any time you are dealing with any Government entity remember these Laws and don't be suprised by anything that happens.