Antarctic Sea Ice Advancing

I am sure everyone has heard that Arctic sea ice is, as the National Geographic described it, at an "all-time low."  Of course those would expect the words "all-time" to mean just that will be disappointed to learn that they really mean "since 1979 when we started measuring it by satellite."

At Climate Skeptic, I write that it has come to my attention that the earth has two poles, and it's odd no one talks about the other one.  Maybe they forgot?  Well it turns out that Antarctic sea ice is at an all time high (using the term in the same way that National Geographic does). 

As an end note, I also discuss Glacier Bay, Alaska.  It turns out the glaciers there are retreating, but about 99% of the retreat occurred between 1793 and 1907


  1. TCO:

    There are articles, serious ones, in USNI Proceedings about the NW Passage.

  2. darkbhudda:

    I remember a glaciologist only a year ago screaming of the "indisputable proof of global cooling" because the glaciers he was studying were advancing.

    Some glaciers are retreating, some are advancing. Business as usual except to scaremongers.