Those Wacky Rent Seekers

My business had its worst results in five years.  Where is my disaster aid?   So while the California Attorney General is suing car makers for global warming and the state is rolling out an anti-warming plan, the Governator is seeking disaster aid for a big freeze?  Seems like they are working against themselves.

I think the citrus farmers should file a class action suit right away against makers of fuel efficient cars and hybrids.  I mean, wouldn't that be hilarious?

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  1. Moriarty:

    After dinner one recent night, family an friends were discussing their views on global warming. With clarity and wisdom beyond her 15 years, my daughter said, "Dad, I'm scared and angry. Your generation created this problem. What are you going to do to fix it?"

    The sensible answer would be:
    "I'm going to ignore it. And like The Missile Gap, The Population Explosion, The Energy Crisis, Nuclear Winter, The Ozone Hole and a host of other made-to-order-impending-doom scenarios... I'm going to watch it slowly fade into oblivion."

    "What's for dessert?"