If You Want To Watch A Documentary on 9/11

I don't know much about the ABC 9/11 special everyone is arguing about, except to say that I am always suspicious of dramatic reenactments.  If you want a quick answer to whose fault the attacks were, I will give it to you and save you time:  The terrorists.  And if you want to to know which party's president ignored terrorism the most, I will answer that as well:  It's a tie.  Clinton ignored it for longer**, while Bush ignored it closer to the event.  To be fair, no one really expected the type of attack on September 11, so the blame game is kind of silly.

If you want to watch a great documentary that focuses on the terrorists and their victims, and not the politicians, the National Geographic special Inside 9/11, in two 2-hour parts, is being replayed tonight.  It is fabulous.

** By the way, Clinton supporters could defend their man and his attentiveness to terrorism by pointing out that most of the Patriot Act was actually proposed by Clinton in the mid-1990's.   Interestingly, but not surprisingly, I haven't heard many Democrats making this particular argument.


  1. Rob:

    I enjoyed the National Geographic presentation from the point of view that it gave me insight into what was happening on that day. I was going to school in Paris at the time, so I really never saw any of the video footage (no TV in my room), nor did I catch much of the aftermath news which went on for months.

  2. Zoran Lazarevic:

    Sometimes even paranoid people have enemies...
    For instance, you think that a lone gunman shot JFK, in spite of both governmental and non-governmental investigations that concluded there were at least two gunmen. Plus dozens and dozens of incidents of disappearing evidence, murdered witnesses etc.

    I highly recommend watching Loose Change (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7866929448192753501), at least the first 5 minutes - which tell all.

  3. TJIT:


    Most of the time paranoids have enemies because they stopped taking their meds:-)

    If you are interested in the real truth, and if you think you are strong enough to handle it please check out




  4. Zoran Lazarevic:

    I read through the web site you linked (pointlesswasteoftime) and the sites it links to. These sites spend very, very little time debunking Loose Change, and a lot of time doing ad hominem attacks on the author. They take his statements out of context - the same method they accuse him of. And their language is so vitriolic, that I can't give them much credibility.

    To get back to my previous analogy: I believe that JFK was assassinated by powerful people who managed to manipulate senators, CIA director, and Dallas police. Coyote explains the whole thing by a lone-gunman theory and a bunch of stupid government officials.

    Since well before the time of Julius Cesar, some conspiracies do succeed. If all conspiracies were unsuccessful, nobody would be organizing them.