Does it Bother Anyone Else...

Does it bother anyone else that the only complaint voiced in this article about government requirements for building in surveillance backdoors into the Internet is about the cost?

Oh, and by the way, note the date on the act in question.  1994 makes it a Clinton-era law crafted after the first attempt to bomb the WTC.  All of you Democrats who feel smugly certain that civil liberties will be safe if only your party was in charge should note how closely the Patriot Act resembles Clinton's proposed anti-terrorism bill.  Just as Republicans have found that politicians shed their small government talk once they are in charge, our country's leadership tends to abandon any past queasiness about trampling on civil liberties once in a position of power, no matter what party they represent.

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  1. TC:

    " We are also releasing today a letter from a diverse group of
    prominent professors at leading law schools, such as Yale, Stanford,
    Georgetown and Cornell who agree that the terrorism bill, in their words,
    "poses an unwarranted threat to the civil ]iberties of law abiding
    Americans." They have written to Speaker Gingrich arguing that the tragedy
    of Oklahoma City cannot be used as an excuse to enact terrorism
    legislation, such as the House terronsm bill, that has nothing to do with
    preventing another such traged~."

    Oh Really?

    "the tragedy
    of Oklahoma City cannot be used as an excuse to enact terrorism

    But can now be due to a few more dying in the WTC Pentagone national blunder?

    Amazing how almost NONE of the folks we pay over 110k direct compensation and probably three times as such in indirect compensation can't evenbother to give a once-through reading of proposed legislation!!!!

    I suppose they do not understand the term "Legislator".

    Our nation will not get smart, until we gain wisdom. Such will NEVER happen as long as we send attorneys into the land of wine and roses!

    Elections are comming, do any of you have the guts for REAL change?