Guess Who?

I don't think you will be able to guess who just wrote this in the LA Times:

The current frenzy over Wal-Mart is instructive. Its size is
unprecedented. Yet for all its billions in profit, it still amounts to
less than four cents on the dollar. Raise the cost of employing people,
and the company will eliminate jobs. Its business model only works on
low prices, which require low labor costs. Whether that is fair or not
is a debate for another time. It is instructive, however, that
consumers continue to enjoy these low prices and that thousands of
applicants continue to apply for those jobs.

Reason's Hit and Run has the answer.  I expressed similar thoughts here.

One Comment

  1. JohnDewey:

    I would never have guessed McGovern. I'm sure he didn't utter such sentiments in 1972, when he struggled to get support from labor. I was an anti-war Democrat back then, and so he did receive the first vote I cast in a national election. Perhaps value sets for both of us have evolved since those crazy times.