Guess Who #2

As a follow-on to yesterday's guess-who quote, guess who recently said this:

So I have been forced to conclude that in all of those great free
market texts by Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and all the others
that there is a footnote that says, by the way, none of this applies to
agriculture. Now, it may be written in high German, and that may be why
I have not been able to discern it, but there is no greater contrast in
America today than between the free enterprise rhetoric of so many
conservatives and the statist, subsidized, inflationary, protectionist,
anti-consumer agricultural policies, and this is one of them.

Club for Growth has the answer.

By the way, I agree with this statement completely. 

One Comment

  1. dearieme:

    Well said, and the same could be said about the EU and Japan.