Olympics Question

In a previous post, I discussed decision anchoring in judged events.  This week I have a simpler question:  Whose idea was it to give out CD-ROM's this time instead of regular medals?


Is this some kind of weird prelude to a Microsoft takeover of the games?  Or maybe these are just remaindered "Glitter" DVD's.  By the way, this picture does not do her justice, but Tanith Belbin is pretty hot.  She came in third in ESPN's page 2 hottest female athlete survey.  Better pictures here.


  1. Skip Oliva:

    I heard on local radio that those are actually "temporary" medals; the actual medals are awarded later.

  2. Craig:

    The medals represent the piazzas so common in Italy. Apparently, the design of the Summer Olympic medals is rather rigid, but in the Winter Olympics, the host city has some leeway.

    And I believe the local radio people the previous poster cited are incorrect.

  3. Ken:

    Re: Tanith 3rd place in espn hottest. the reader poll has her at #1. She is the hottest thing since kornicova!

  4. Dave:

    I'll grant you that she's hot, but she's got a plyg ugly name.

  5. M Lewis:

    Funnny thing happened today.
    I went to my kids school today to
    help judge the science fair. They
    had an Oympics bulletin board up
    with medal counts by country. The
    medals were symbolized using plain
    and painted CD-ROM disks next to
    the country flags.

  6. David:

    My first thought was that this was where all the unused AOL discs were going