The Rolling Stones and I are Both Still Alive

Yes, blogging has been so light of late as to be non-existent.  We have two large proposals due next week for the recreation business so I have been just swamped with other writing. 

The reference to the Stones is because my wife and I have tickets to see the Stones tonight in Glendale.  I remember in 1981 or 82, when I was in college, my roommate and I decided we had to drive to Philadelphia to see the Stones in concert.  After all, we thought, they are older than god and surely this was about their last tour.  LOL.  25 years later and I am seeing them again.  What odds would you have given in 1980 that Keith Richards would even be alive in 2005, much less touring?


  1. J Crain:

    Light blogging is OK because the quality of your posts is very good. I especially liked the recent posts "Immigration, Individual Rights, and the New Deal" and "Statism Comes Back to Bite Technocrats."

    Good work; I hope it continues as/when you have the time.

  2. Bennett:

    Long time reader, first time poster (Princeton '00). I always get a kick out of stories like this. My parents' first date was a Rolling Stones concert. I bought them tickets for the show at the Meadowlands (NJ) for their 35th anniversary. I was afraid that they wouldn't get to see them again.

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