My Wife as Fashion Diva


My lovely and talented wife Kate made the Flypaper fashion blog today:

Kate G., 44, is a handbag designer who hails from Boston, but lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. She recently won the Arizona Rising Star Fashion Award for best new accessory designer.

+ top: Studio M from Macy's
+ skirt: Frou Frou
+ handbag: made by Kate!
+ boots: Paolo Corelli "I got them at EJ's in Scottsdale." 
+ bracelet: Metal Pointus in Paris
+ earrings: local designer Amy Mac
+ best Scottsdale shopping: Frou Frou and Carole's Couture "I am mostly a jeans and T-shirt gal," says Kate.
+ favorites in her closet: James Jeans, Carmen Marc Valvo, and local designer Stephanie Edge

Eat your heart out Glenn Reynolds.

Update:  The #1 biggest issue my wife is trying to deal with is how to ramp up her business to larger scale production.  Nordstroms and Nieman-Marcus are interested in her bags, but its just a whole 'nother level of volume.  Turns out one of our Coyote readers addresses the issue of growing fashion businesses and manufacturing with her own blog here.


  1. Max Lybbert:

    That picture is much better than the newspaper scan you put in a few months ago.

  2. Kathleen Fasanella:

    Thanks for the plug- I always endeavor to be worth the value of my reader's time and attention. My best wishes for your wife's continued success.