It's Alive

Yes, it has a stake in its heart along with a couple of silver bullets, but a number of members of Congress are attempting to reanimate the broadcast flag.  I celebrated its demise here, perhaps prematurely.  I am sad to say that my Congressman John Shadegg, according to Boing Boing, seems to be among the twenty Frankensteins responsible for this effort.  I have given props to Shadegg a couple of times, and now I have to express my deep disappointment in him.

I know, I know. We keep killing
this thing, and it keeps on coming back. But the important thing is
that we keep killing it. Us. They put tens of millions of bucks into
this bid to make technology subservient to the superstitious fantasies
of venal film execs, and we killed it by sending thousands and
thousands and thousands of letters, calls, and faxes to DC. We made it
happen. We'll make it happen again. They're not going to win this one,