More Nutty Tort Decisions

Frequent readers of this site will know that I am a strong opponent of how the current tort system works.  However, I am not a big supporter of damage caps.  Damage caps may limit the harm of a broken tort system, but they don't fix the root problem - the jackpot justice that seeks wealth transfers from wealthy parties irrespective of who was really at fault.  For example, note this case, where teens who were not wearing their seat belts were killed by a driver breaking the speed limit and with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit.  The jury decided the accident was 90% the fault of... Ford, for designing a car with the same glass used by everyone else in the auto industry.  But the unfairness of the decision is only the beginning of the outright nuttiness and fraud by the plaintiff in this case.  Make sure to go to this article - you have to scroll to the article on Ford appealing frontier justice, but the extra finger work is justified.