Dear Pittsburgh Steelers:

Boy, did you luck out.


  1. Bassett:

    Cool blog, and Amen to that. As a guy who blogs, pretty much just about the Jets, I am not having a good day today....

  2. Anthony Cerminaro:

    My dad is fond of using this saying -- "More luck than brains" -- when things happen like those at the end of the Steelers Jets game. For a Steelers fan, the game was an emotional roller coaster. I was drained, not joyous, at the end. Shaky wins are wins nonetheless. We will see if the Steelers can parlay that luck into a return trip to the Super Bowl (hopefully against the Eagles, my father's lifelong favorite team.)

  3. theresa:

    LUCK OUT?????? Please we are the best team in the nfl always will be takes hard work and skill to win not luck cya at the superbowl GO STEELERS.........