Happy Holidays

Hope everyone out there has a fantastic Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Winter Solstice, New Year, etc. (did I get everyone?)  We try to do something different each year for our holiday card.  Here is this year's.


I realized from fellow Arizona blog Speed of Thought, in their link to my post (cool, am I a moonbat?) that I left out Kwanzaa.  Oops, I hope there are not protesters outside my door.  Next week I plan a post on Kwanzaa -- I have zero problem with people making up a new reasons to celebrate, since life is worth celebrating.  However, I will look at the 7 values celebrated by Kwanzaa and consider whether these 7 values are really helping African-Americans (hint:  think socialism).

By the way, Speed of Thought has a very moving image here.


  1. Speed of Thought...:

    Covering the bases

    Coyote Blog has the Holiday, Kwanzaa, X-mas or whatever letter, that some, a very small some, think we should be using. It's funny, because it is true and sad...

  2. Scott B:

    You are not a Moonbat, yet. ;-)

    I do think it is sad that Moonbats are happy to celebrate anything except Christmas and that is the point I was trying to make. Obviously I didn't make my point.

    I agree with you, let everybody celebrate what they want, but that includes Christmas.