Trying to Delete People From Our Holiday Card List

Every year we do this strange dance when it comes to deleting people from our Holiday card list.  My job each year is to print out the labels from last year so my wife can edit them.  In the process, particularly since we move so much, we always add about 10-20 new names and delete about as many.  So the cards went out a few days ago.

Each day, though, I get a few more from my wife to mail.  My wife doesn't tell me why we need to send a few more, but I know.  You see, we have received a card from one of the people who we took off the list.  Having received their card, we therefore must (?) send them a card in return.  This seems nuts to me.  The implication of this process is that there is no way for anyone to get dropped from a card list unless both parties mutually, without coordination, decide to drop the other in the same year.  So, inevitably, our list just keeps getting longer each year.

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