Global Warming, a Messy Picture

A while back, I wrote here with a wrap-up of what I believed about Global Warming and the Kyoto Treaty.  My point of view is that the earth is probably warming, but not nearly as fast as doomsayers predict; that the certainty the major media puts forth on global warming bears no resemblance to the messy, chaotic nature of climate and climate research; and that Kyoto is a bad treaty aimed at screwing the US, and that the costs don't outweigh the (marginal) benefits of its adoption.

Reason has a nice roundup of some new evidence pertaining to climate, that helps confirm at least the first 2 of my 3 hypotheses above.  About half the evidence points to warming and about half refutes rapid warming.  It would be interesting to do a media search to see which of these made the papers, but I think you can probably guess.


  1. MaxedOutMama:

    I just wanted you to know that this is a superb blog. Your posts on the Kyoto Treaty are particularly outstanding and I linked to them. You're on my must-read list.

  2. BridgetB:

    Hi. One of the best resources debunking the Global Warming theory is the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine which is a privately funded (non-governemnt) research laboratory.

    OISM Global Warming research can be found here:


  3. Richard Foy:

    Are you familiar with El Ninjo?

    Do you you believe it creates signficant changes in the waether?