Should have read my lease

Our company employs hundreds of seasonal workers and managers, but most of these folks all work near or in the recreation facilities we manage. As a result, our corporate "world" headquarters is a 600 square foot office with me, my bookkeeper, a copier, and several printers. About a year and a half ago I signed a three year lease for this suite.

A few weeks ago, my landlord called and said that they needed to move me to another suite. I said, hey, you can't do that, I have a three year lease for this one. I have way to many vendors and contracts to hassle with changing an address. They patiently explained to me that, so sorry, but I had signed a lease that said they could move me. And they did.

Well, you know, after looking at the thing, I did sign a lease that had a clause in the back that said if I lease less than 2000 square feet, they can move me without my permission. The good news is that they did all the moving and actually got the new office looking nicer than the old one. So things are generally working out, though I am still sending out change of address letters.

Beware - I am told that this is a very common clause in most commercial leases. As part of this move, I actually got it negotiated out of my lease so they can't move me again.