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Health Care Bill At 60

Kevin Drum is reporting, as I predicted, that the Democrats have bought off the remaining votes they needed (with our tax money) and that there will be a successful cloture vote this evening on the health care bill.  Bad news, though I have been prepared for it for a while.  I honestly believe that 90% of this country is going to end up worse off to help out the remaining 10%.  The analogy I often use is that this is just like the crappy public housing we built in the 1960's, except everyone, not just the poor, are going to have to move into it.    The only remaining questions that remain are 1) how long after passage of this bill do Democrats admit they grossly fibbed on the price and start jacking up taxes; and 2) how hard a hit (and how fast) will drug and medical innovation take.  Enjoy.  The only silver lining is that many of the folks who passed this mess are not going to have their jobs a year from now.

Update: Overlawyered has more bad news about the bill's provisions.   A lot more of this will come out as the people are actually allowed to read it.