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Email Marketing

It was fun to see my brother-in-law's company mentioned in the local paper today.  It was even funnier to see that the newspaper-run web site that screwed up the link to my wife's handbag site did the same with his site.

Eric, my brother-in-law, is the SVP of Sales at email marketing firm Constant Contact.  A while back I was half-convinced that email marketing, at least for quality companies, would die under the spam deluge.  It turns out that this is not the case.  There are many companies and organizations engaging his firm to manage their member communications and customer mailing lists.  I know that there are now several companies I do business with that I have white-listed in my spam filter in order to see their special offers and such (for example, 1-800-contacts does a good job of emailing me right about when I need to reorder, and I always like seeing who is coming to town in the Ticketmaster email).