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Best Criminal Strategy: Join the Spokane Police

I did a double take when I found these two stories back to back in my feed reader

  1. Via TJIC (welcome back!) Spokane policeman gets drunk, chases another patron out of a bar,  participates in a drunken car chase, shoots the other man in the head, and then initiates a cover-up.  Acquitted and paid $150,000 in back pay.
  2. Via Photography is not a Crime (one of my new favorites) Spokane policeman caught peeking into bedroom of 14-year-old girl (possibly after making obscene phone calls) and then  gets in a fight with police who show up.  Charges dropped by accommodating prosecutor.  The officer did have to accept a "last chance" agreement with the force (having already had a history of discipline problems) but since this is his third last chance agreement, I do not think that word means what Spokane thinks it means.