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Thank God, I'm Not Totally Weird

I have always liked factories -- in college, I used to accept certain job interviews (example: Pontiac) just to get the factory tour.  Years ago, my wife gave me a travel book called something like "made in the USA"  which lists fun public factory tours you can take in the cities you visit.  One of my favorite tourist memories was going to the Fedex facility in Memphis at midnight to watch a sort.

But perhaps what made folks think I was really weird was when I told them I though that oil refineries, at night, could be some of the most beautiful places on earth.  When I worked in a refinery for 3 years, I used to love being there at night -- not just for the aesthetics, but for the amazing site of miles and miles of plant operating and producing tens of millions of dollars a day of product without a person in sight.

Well, at least one person shares my aesthetics.  Via a link from Radley Balko, comes this photo spread called factories and industrial complexes, but which look mostly like oil refineries at night.