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Reaping What You Sow

This story surprises me not at all, and, if you are a reader of this site and my Florida horror stories, you will not be surprised that it occurred in Florida.  After driving all the neurosurgeons out of town with frivolous malpractice suits, plaintiffs lawyers are now suing...because there are no neurosurgeons:

Florida, the family of the late Barbara Masterson is suing West Boca Medical Center because hospital staff was unable to locate a neurosurgeon willing to come to the scene to perform life-saving surgery after a stroke. "The incident occurred in February, when Palm Beach County neurosurgeons were refusing to perform emergency services for fear of skyrocketing malpractice costs."

Also see this story about a recent death in Pennsylvania because all the neurosurgeons had been run out of town.

Our family actually has a personal experience with this.  My dad (81 years old) broke his neck while at his ranch in central Wyoming.  As he was cared for in Casper, the largest city in the state, we soon found it impossible to get any quality time with the neurosurgeon, since there was only one left in all of the central part of the state!  Eventually, they got his neck stabilized enough to fly him to Texas on a medical evac jet where he could get real care and eventually surgery (happy ending, all is well and all the appendages still work fine).